Tylden Primary School

Kitchen Garden

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

The school community raised money over a number of years and installed a kitchen with four workstations. After the installation of the kitchen in 2012, the school commenced the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Ideally, students participate for two years during their time in Grades 3 – 6. The school invites parents and community members to attend the sessions each week to assist the students.

The school always welcomes extra volunteers. Community members can contact the office to add their name to the roster. (A Working With Children Check is required for volunteer work in the school but this is easily obtained and free.) Volunteers do not have to be expert cooks or gardeners. All that is required is enthusiasm!

The garden sessions include garden maintenance, planting, harvesting and composting. Our garden area is continually changing and developing as we experiment with growing the different fruits and vegetables used in the kitchen sessions.

Kitchen sessions include the preparation of dishes from many parts of the world. The menus are varied and the students get to try things they might never have tasted before. Kitchen sessions emphasise ‘home style cooking’ and the students learn safe techniques, food safety and hygiene, food presentation skills, preserving and table etiquette.

Every kitchen session ends with a ‘Shared Table’ - a sampling of all of the dishes that have been cooked that day. Volunteers join the students for the Shared Table and they encourage healthy eating, good table manners and discussion of the foods prepared

Fruit and vegetable gardens
Our compost and chook manure can give life to delicious foods,
especially now that water is harvested from our stadium roof.



The herb garden and espaliered fruit trees.
The new raised vegetable garden beds.