Tylden Primary School

Learning Curriculum

The curriculum at Tylden PS is based on the Victorian Curriculum. The classroom program is planned carefully to ensure it caters for the diverse needs of all students.

All classes have a minimum of two hours of explicit Literacy instruction and one hour of Mathematics every day. The school has introduced whole-school strategies for teaching reading comprehension and the “The Big Write and VCOP” program for teaching writing. The integrated curriculum is organised so that all students do two science themed units and two Humanities themed units per year. There is a whole-school Social and Emotional Learning Program (SEL) and every class has at least one timetabled session per week.

For more information about the Victorian Curriculum and the Big Write and VCOP you can follow these links:

The Victorian Curriculum

The Big Write and VCOP


Term Planners

Teachers prepare a classroom planner each term to give parents an overview of the curriculum content for the term in each class. The following are samples of class planners:

Term Planner 2017 - Term 3 - Prep

Term Planner 2017 - Term 2 - Grade 4

Term Planner 2017 - Term 2 - SB