Tylden Primary School


Tylden PS is committed to the establishment of sustainable practices that are waste, energy, and water wise. We encourage students and our whole school community and community to take practical actions in everyday life to reduce consumption of energy and resources, and to reduce their production of greenhouse gases, waste, litter and non-recyclable garbage.

Solar Power System

Tylden Primary School has a 6.48 kW solar system installed on the north facing roof of the main building. The array was installed using Federal and State government grants. Approx. daily power generation is 22.5 kWh (average) and approx. yearly power generation will be 7800 kWh. The school community can access the output figures for the system via the internet.

Sustainability and the Integrated Curriculum

The integrated units taught at Tylden PS are designed to incorporate sustainability into them. Our aim is to improve students’ knowledge and produce a positive attitude to protecting our environment. We encourage our children to understand the power of the individual and the importance of taking personal responsibility for reducing the impact they make on the environment.

Solar Array Site at Tylden Primary School
Solar Array Panel 

Building a temporary compost ring
Kids at Solar Array Area


Kitchen Garden Program

Our school planned for over 7 years to be a part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKGP). The modern school kitchen was funded entirely from school fundraising and was installed in 2012. The school was accepted by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation for curriculum training and support late in 2012 and the classroom program commenced in 2013.

Students in the upper grades currently participate in garden and kitchen classes each week. We welcome volunteers from the school and wider community to help with the SAKGP each week. Each volunteer works with a small group of students in garden or in the cooking sessions. Their guidance and assistance is crucial to our successful program. Please contact the school if you or a family member, neighbour or friend would like to get involved with the SAKGP.


Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)

Tylden Primary School is part of the Schools Water Efficiency Program and receives daily information about water usage and consumption via a data logger. This allows the school to monitor water use and make changes as needed. It also allows for rapid detection of leaks.